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UK Bathrooms working hard to limit our environmental impact

UK Bathrooms understands the need to make choices that help sustain the world that sustains us. As a business we work to limit our environmental impact. We continually strive for improvement to exceed our environmental targets and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Responsible Sourcing

We require our suppliers to share our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  Our business partners bring quality products that have been manufactured and sourced through ethical means.

Sustainable Packaging

We seek to package all of our products in an efficient and sustainable manner by using recycled content, as well as biodegradable and lighter materials, in an effort to minimise waste.

All waste is segregated into recyclables and non-recyclables and we aim to recycle anything that possibly can be.

Our packaging materials and our packaging systems are under constant review as we strive to limit our environmental impact. We use 100% recycled cardboard boxes and cardboard edging. Our pallet deliveries to our customers are wrapped in a fully recyclable Sugar Cane wrap. Our packaging tapes are also 100% recyclable as is the bubble wrap that we use.

Customers will soon see a new label with every delivery, making it easier for them to determine how to best recycle that particular packages’ materials. Enabling our customers to make more informed decisions around how to best dispose of the packaging their purchases come in.

Energy Efficiency 

At UK Bathrooms we understand that climate change is without a doubt one of the most pressing challenges facing the planet today. We all have a responsibility to reduce the impact our operations have on the plant in the creation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ever-evolving Sustainability Journey

Our sustainability journey is ever-evolving in this climate-challenged world.