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The traditional bathroom returns – 54% of bathroom renovations include classic features

Bathroom trends are forever changing, but it seems that traditional designs are back in fashion. Our researchers have found that classic features such as roll top baths and double-pedestal basins have once again become popular for homeowners. Roll top baths and double-pedestal basins topped the list of the most common classic features included in bathroom renovations over the past year.

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Our study polled 1,438 UK residents who had renovated their bathrooms over the past year and asked, “Did you include any classic bathroom features in your bathroom refurbishment?” 54% of respondents said that they had fitted some kind of classic feature to their bathroom, the remaining 46% said they did not feature any classic features in their bathroom refurbishment.

Participants who said that they had fitted traditional features were also asked the reasons behind choosing a traditional bathroom design. The top five answers are below:

  1. Traditional items look classier than modern alternatives (46%)
  2. I favour traditional items (34%)
  3. I felt traditional items were better value for money (31%)
  4. I dislike modern items (27%)
  5. I incorporated family heirlooms / inherited features (21%)

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These participants were also asked which traditional bathroom items they had included in their bathroom renovation. The top five answers are below:

  1. Roll top bath (47%)
  2. Bath and shower mixer taps (36%)
  3. High-level toilet (31%)
  4. Two-pedestal basin (26%)
  5. Marble counter tops (22%)

Our researchers have crunched the numbers from the respondent’s data and worked out that the average Briton spent £2,072 on traditional features during their bathroom renovation.

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Our director, Peter Gregg talked about the results, saying:

“The bathroom is an important part of the house, so many of us like to refurbish and change things around in our bathrooms. Whilst many favour modern features and technology, it would seem that the vintage bathroom is making a comeback!”

He continued, “Modern bathroom features are great, with the likes of power showers and Jacuzzi baths really boosting the complete experience. However, there is a sense of timeless luxury, romance and simplicity in some of the more traditional items, which can be a lovely, refreshing change for a modern house.”

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