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The luxury of a warm bathroom floor

After lying in your warm bath, soaking away the stresses and strains of a hard day at work, the last possible thing that you may want to do is to step out on to a cold, even though beautifully tiled, floor. So why not have a floor that is warm and welcoming, which is thermostatically controlled, and serves to warm up the bathroom or shower room as well?


We can offer a number of options to warm up your bathroom or even your kitchen floor, not quite the way that the Romans did it in 52BC, but the 21st century way. One of our top selling underfloor heating packages is the Raychem T2Quicknet which is offered in two heats output, The T2Quicknet 90 or the T2 Quicknet 160. Both of these features a neat heating mat naturally controlled for your comfort by a very neat modern thermostatic controller which gives full and easy control over the temperature. They are fully digitally controllable, and can even be preset for different days, with temperature or timer functions. Also included is a cost saving, energy saving Greenleaf mode to keep running costs at a minimum.

Both of the heating mats from Raychem are offered at UK Bathrooms unbeatable low prices, the lowest to be found anywhere and they come in a variety of sizes; your choice will depend upon the size of your bathroom or kitchen. If you are unsure, or need advice contact our support team on 01765 694 720 and they will do their best to help.

Raychem T2Quicknet Underfloor Heating

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