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Spring cleaning tips for your bathroom: cleaning glass

At UK Bathrooms, we know the importance of keeping your bathroom clean with as much ease as possible, so we’re here to bring you some super simple tips for getting your bathroom feeling fresh and tidy over Spring.

In general, it is recommended to use only mild detergents for the majority of cleaning jobs in the bathroom and to add in a bit of the old elbow grease! This is no different whether it’s for the mirrors, tub or shower trays. Today though we’re looking more closely at how to clean glass surfaces including shower screens, panels, enclosures and mirrors as these are the things that can show up the most dirt and smudges, especially if you’ve got kids around. Whether you’re just trying to stay on top of the cleaning to keep a brand new bathroom in tip top shape, or it’s an old bathroom that could do with some TLC, these tips should be helpful for everyone.

Simpson’s Showers advise that their products should only be cleaned with warm soapy water since aggressive cleaning fluids contain chemicals that can easily damage your enclosures and screens, thus invalidating the guarantee.

It’s a good idea to keep a squeegee in the shower too, so that every member of the family can give the enclosure a quick wipe down once they’re finished to save you from too much hard work and scrubbing away at water marks when it comes to giving the whole bathroom a clean down.

If you haven’t given the bathroom a good clean in a while, you’re likely to have a bit of a build up of limescale at the edges of your shower screens and enclosures. For regular glass, an old toothbrush, some gentle detergent such as Roman’s Utra Care Bathroom Cleaner and a bit of elbow grease will get it sorted right out.

Fortunately if you buy from UK Bathrooms, many of our showers come with an “Easy Clean” finish meaning that they naturally repel water scum marks and areas of dirt. They do however still need to be maintained regularly. To keep them in the best condition, try using a dry microfibre cloth to give the glass a polished shine after wiping them down.

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