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Revealed – Mens Secret Bathroom Habits

For many years women have been lauded about the amount of time they spend in the bathroom, busy with their beauty regimes, but it seems men are probably just as bad as women with their secret bathroom habits which have been revealed by bathroom retailer The research asked 1,367 UK males about what else they get up to in the bathroom.

The men asked, chose from a list what grooming activities applied to them, the top 10 most popular are:

1. Moisturising – 62%
2. Nose hair trimming – 57%
3. Flossing – 51%
4. Conditioning hair – 46%
5. Body shaving – back, chest, armpits etc – 42%
6. Body waxing – back, chest, armpits etc – 31%
7. Fake tanning – 24%
8. Male makeup – concealer, guy-liner etc – 9%
9. Nail filing – 4%
10. Eyebrow waxing – 3%

They were also asked what grooming they undertook on a daily basis and the results showed:

1. Moisturising – daily
2. Nose hair trimming – weekly
3. Flossing – daily
4. Conditioning hair – every other day
5. Body shaving – back, chest, armpits etc – every 2 weeks
6. Body waxing – back, chest, armpits etc – once monthly
7. Fake tanning – every 2 weeks
8. Male makeup – concealer etc – few times a week
9. Nail filing – weekly
10. Eyebrow waxing – every 2 weeks

Women have long known that men partake in male grooming when alone in the bathroom, mainly because women’s beauty products seem to mysteriously run out quickly and their razors, wax strips and other personal hygiene items also run out quicker.

The men surveyed were asked why they followed a certain grooming pattern with 74% stating that they wanted to ‘look better’. Expanding on that result, 36% were compelled to ‘look better’ because of by ‘peer pressure’ whilst 22% blamed ‘celebrity culture’ for them taking an interest in their appearance.

It seems though that although they make an effort with their appearance and follow beauty regimes, many men are hesitant to admit it to their friends, with 42% saying that they’d ‘rather not’ admit it and 23% stated an outright ‘no’ if it came to telling their friends. However, the men polled showed that they would feel comfortable being described as ‘metrosexual’ with 51% of them being happy at being described as this, 19% would be indifferent and 13% said they would be uncomfortable being described as metrosexual.

Talking about the interesting findings of mens bathroom habits, Peter Gregg, Director of, had the following to say:

“The rise of the metrosexual man shows no signs of slowing. Gone are the days of the grizzled construction worker, with dirt under his nails and a thick mane of hair on his back. Now it’s all about tanned, hairless skin with a shining, healthy head of hair. Or so our survey suggests at least!”

He continued:

“With celebrities like David Beckham paving the way, men are feeling the pressure to fit the mould more and more. It’s often remarked that women feel compelled to strive to look like supermodels, but that pressure also applies to males. Television shows such as Geordie Shore and TOWIE only serve to reinforce the idea that men need to be perfectly groomed to get by in life.”

Image courtesy of Vermin Inc

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