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Phoenix Ancona Luxury Double Ended Bath

Why not treat yourself to a bit of luxury by installing a whirlpool bath and relaxing after a herd day at work or in the garden? The Phoenix Ancona Luxury Double Ended Bath is a double ended bath 1800mm x 1100mm using the very latest technology. The Whirlpool system has been carefully designed to maximum the benefits with long lasting consistency. This whirlpool bath is fitted with Dry Run Protection Pumps and Electronic Circuit Breakers and this is guaranteed by Phoenix for 2 Years and 25 years on the bath itself.

A number of features can be added, these extras include an inline heater and sensational colour underwater lighting. The whirlpool options are: System 1 Whirlpool features: Directional jets, back and foot jets & 2 air flow controls. System 2 Airpool features: On/off switch & Airspa jets. System 3 Whirlpool/Airpool features: A combination of all the above.

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