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Modern Bathroom Lighting

If you have a bathroom that is sorely in need of some extra lighting there are lots of options for you to create your perfect bright and breezy bathroom. You must first look carefully at the bathroom and detail what lighting is already in place; you will soon be able to turn those dark corners into a bright and luxurious paradise without too much effort. Importantly, you must remember that if lighting fittings are not intended for use in a bathroom they should not, under any circumstances be used.

One of the best ways to light a bathroom and to add some extra storage space as well is to fit an illuminated mirror. Roper Rhodes make a stunning range of illuminated mirrored cabinets and one example is the Absolute Cabinet with a triple mirror. This has a sleek light fitting incorporating 28 LED lights and a shaver socket. It also has 6 adjustable glass shelves. Lighting is controlled by an infra-red sensor on / off switch and is finished in aluminium colour.

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