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Mere Reef Interlock Panelling 9 Tile Wall Panel

Wall tiling in a bathroom or shower is essential to keep it not just looking great but clean, water resistant and hygienic too. The only downside, particularly within a shower enclosure, is that the grouting can become discoloured with age and use. Restoring this to the former pristine condition is possible of course and we all have had to do this at some time. But how would you feel about a classy wall finish that has all the appearance of stone or marble, but does not require any grouting?

A product that is taking the bathroom wall finishes to a new height is Mere Reef Interlock Panelling which is manufactured from water-resistant synthetics that are fully washable, making maintaining the panels is incredibly easy. The panels can be fitted to walls and to ceilings as well and all that is required to keep them looking bright and clean is to just wipe them down with a damp cloth. Now tiling your walls and then grouting is a thing of the past, with the help of Mere Reef interlocking panels, which are available in two styles and four stone coloured shades.

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