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Imperial Antique Crackle Ceramic Dado Tiles

Creating an Edwardian bathroom just became a little easier with the introduction of the Imperial Antique tile range, which will add to the genuine look and feel of your retro Edwardian style room. The tiles are produced in seven tradition colours White Linen, Cream Haze, Ivory Shell, Canvas Wheat, Grey Ecru, Sage Thistle and Blue Nimbus.

Using the latest manufacturing techniques, Imperial has captured the genuine look and feel of a turn of the century tile with their and they are hard to distinguish from a handmade product, even down to their irregular edges. The looks, elegant lustre, along with a crackle finish to the glaze replicates beautifully the look of the early nineteen hundreds. Imperial has achieved a product that is a reflection of an age of elegance and will enhance your bathroom and you will cherish the genuine look of these for many years to come.

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