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Easy Fit Bathrooms for DIY

As an online retailer amid these troubled times we remain open for business and we are committed to providing exceptional and safe service for our customers whilst protecting the well-being of our team.

Wellbeing is even more important for each and every one of us, and as many are faced with now spending more time at home we’re all having to adapt and find ways to stop ourselves from going stir-crazy. One of the ways we’re coping is by tackling all those projects that we’ve put off for ages and which now seem like a good idea -for example some of my friends are working on their garden, some are taking the time to get rid of their clutter.  I have one girlfriend who for years has talked about writing a book and now she has the opportunity she’s actually doing it. But it appears that a lot of us are getting on with that ongoing list of DIY.

At the weekend my sister decided that she needed to replace her shower head, apparently it’s ancient and past it’s best, she rang me to ask if this was something she could do herself – of course I referred her to our website  but I also confirmed (and trust me I am no avid DIY’er) that this was a really good idea.  Most shower heads are universal these days and so replacing one is pretty easy and literally takes minutes to do. I explained that modern shower technology means a new head will maximize water flow, be less costly as less energy and water used, will look better (her current shower head is from the 80’s so you can imagine!) and, depending on which shower head she opts for could potentially offer a lot more than just ‘hot’ or ‘cold’!

Today’s shower heads are manufactured and designed to the highest standard, there are two types of heads fixed and hand held – both can give either a fixed spray or a multitude spray pattern. For me it is a no brainer, hansgrohe’s pure passion for water, excellent quality and durability and innovation in design and engineering mean they are my go-to brand for showers.

The hansgrohe Raindance Select S120 3 Jet with PowderRain at only £61.80 inc VAT (saving 40% on RRP)

hansgrohe Raindance Select S120 one of their most popular shower heads at just £61.80 inc VAT

Another little job that my big sister has on her list is replacing her toilet seat (a further relic of the 80’s) and again something that she can quite easily do herself. We have a range of universal toilet seats available on our DIY page from just £33.54 inc VAT for the UK Bathrooms Essentials Kangel Universal PP Soft Close Seat  – I made sure she added this to her order!

UK Bathrooms Essentials Kangel Universal Soft Close Seat

Our DIY Bathrooms page features bathrooms in a box, Easy Fit Bathrooms, No Drill Bathroom Accessories, Universal Toilet Seats, Replacement Shower Heads and Bath Screens.  All of these are easy to fit and great for the average DIY’er.  However, if you don’t have a sister working at UK Bathrooms, don’t worry you can call 01765 694720 or email our bathroom consultants are available and happy to help.


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