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Designing your cloakroom

The cloakroom is the place for rebelling against the rest of the house, if this is a home that is dominated by women in the shape of your partner and daughters, it can be a thoroughly masculine chamber of wood and sombre colours, a serious change from in a household dominated by women and pastels.  However, in a male dominated home strewn with footballs, toy guns and dirty socks, you need a thoroughly girlie cloakroom coated in silver leaf with mini-chandelier and how about a Seventies disco ball plus mirrored make-up box and a shelf of perfumes.

You might just have a cloakroom the size of a cupboard under the stairs in a terrace house, but your cloakroom will say a lot about you. So choose the right cloakroom suite, maybe a vanity unit to create an impression of spaciousness and install polished nickel taps, which look very smart.

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