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Clearwater ergonomically designed bath

We have all become used to reading or seeing ergonomically designed products such as car seats, beds, chairs, etcetera, but what about a bath which is designed to give you total comfort and support in the place that we need it most, our backs.

Clearwater Nebbia Natural Stone Ergonomic Bath

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that this Clearwater Nebbia Natural Stone Ergonomic Bath was just another retro styled slipper bath long favoured by our Victorian ancestors, but you would be wrong, very wrong in fact. This classical stone bath is the product of master of baths Clearwater and they gave certainly designed and produced a beautiful bath. This has a very clever floor sculptured in a manner that will give the user support in the bath as well as giving a bathing experienced unlike anything they may have had before.

Clearwater Nebbia Natural Stone Ergonomic Bath2

With a hand prepared and finished bath such as this you might expect to have to pay a high price. Well with any handmade article it will be more expensive that a cheap mass produced item, but because of UK Bathrooms clear policy of discounting all the products on their web pages, you will pay less that you would from any other supplier, £494,90 less than the price on the ticket in fact, you will not find it cheaper anywhere!

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