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Dornbracht for quality taps

German engineers, along with their British counterparts, are renowned for quality and reliability and it is this ethic that has made the Dornbracht company one that has become increasingly recognised as one of the leaders in premium bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as accessories, frequently winning international design awards for its product designs. The company has won more prizes in tap fittings than any of its competitors and these are now displayed at the UK Bathrooms web pages.

One example of beautiful design, which also offers total control over water flow and temperature, is the Dornbracht Lulu wall mounted single lever basin mixer. This German engineering designed product fitted in the bathroom or en-suite just looks good in either    attractive platinum matt or high chrome finish and can be used with a pedestal style basin or a modern countertop. The single mixer valve offers the flexibility of being installed either to the left or right of the main spout. This product, along with any of the other Dornbracht items, will make a striking statement in the contemporary bathroom.

Axor Starck Classic Single Lever Kitchen Mixer

Kitchen mixer taps are a far cry from the ones that used to adorn our kitchen sink a few years ago and the modern tap such as the Axor Starck classic is one example of many at the UK Bathrooms web pages and the sister company UK Kitchens.

The taps is finished in high chrome and is easy to keep looking that way, although this particular version is designed for high water pressure us, low pressure versions are available. The spout will swivel through three hundred and sixty degrees, and is operated by a simple joystick mounted on the top. It has an impressive flow rate of eleven litres per minute and is fitted with an aerator which is a quick clean version. The tap is ideal for combi boilers or continuous flow water heaters and will almost make washing  those few dishes a pleasure.

Phoenix Mia Chrome Designer Radiator 800 x 600mm

If you really want to add something stunning that will be an eye catching but very functional item then you should consider the Phoenix Mia Chrome radiator which will not be un-noticed bay anyone. This classy bathroom radiator is manufactured to the highest possible standard using ultra modern round profile tubes, finished in sparkling high quality chrome. The dimensions of the radiator are 595mm wide, 800mm in height, and 120mm on depth and has an impressive heat output of 2200 BTU’s which equates to 645 watts. The Phoenix radiator carries a full five year manufacturer’s warranty and forms part of the very desirable and exciting new range of products that are now being introduced by Phoenix; this is a radiator that combines beautiful design with precision engineering. To complete the radiator a complete range of radiator valves can be found at our web pages.

Trendy Taps to Add a Designer Splash to Your Bathroom

If you want friends to cast admiring glances over your bathroom, you will find no easier way than by fitting some trendy taps to add a distinct wow factor. Fitting new taps can mean that you do not have to go to the expense of changing the whole bathroom suite; you will be amazed by how much new taps will give your bathroom that essential face lift at a small cost.

The UK Bathrooms web pages have a massive range of both traditional and contemporary taps from which you can choose, but one that is sure to stand out from others is the Phoenix CA series of taps which arte top of the trendy list. These will add style and elegance to the tap water controls in your bathroom. This basin mixer tap is ideal for both high and low pressure systems. A neat square design and high chrome finish are stand out features, and with a single lever you have a water fall effect that is unique, the water pressure and temperature easily controlled. With a full ten year guarantee and eco friendly too with the Enviro-Click cartridge saving up to 50% water, you will have certainly added splash to your bathroom.

Mere Ellesmere ‘Dry ‘ Electric Towel Warmer

An electric towel warmer has a number of advantages when being compared to those which run from the central heating boiler. If the towel warmer is connected to the hot water cylinder heating feed, it can mean that just as long as the boiler is being used to heat the water then the towel warmer will be working. However, it is not uncommon for this to be turned off in the summer months and an electric immersion used for water heating. Similarly if, as many are, it is connected to the heating system, it will mean that when this is off or the thermostat kicks in the towel warmer will be inactive.

This is where an electric towel warmer has the advantage and today there is a wide choice of electric towel warmers available. The Mere Ellesmere is a classic example with six sizes available from 110 watts up to 235 watts for larger bath or shower rooms. Mere Ellesmere ladder style ‘dry’ electric towel warmer in 100% stainless steel, and are dry element operated for rapid heating and long element life. Made entirely of stainless steel, the Mere Ellesmere carries a ten year warranty.

Hansgrohe PuraVida Small Basin Mixer

Traditionally taps and fittings for baths, basins bidets and showers have had a limited colour range and today tend to be offered only in chrome, a finish that is still a firm favourite with buyers. At one time antique gold was all the rage but it was often subject to discolouration, particular if a product with bleach was used to clean them, now not many are offered.

However, one manufacturer does offer an alternative from high chrome and that is Hansgrohe, white is the alternative. It’s not just the colour, high chrome is also offered, it is the sheer luxurious look of the PuraVida mixer tap, a single lever basin mixer specially designed for smaller basins. The mixer has a dual finish and an easy control of the water with a joystick. The direction of the spray can also be directed backward as well as forwards to minimise splashing and is discreetly marked showing hot and cold. It is no wonder that the product won the iF design award in 2009, you and your friends will give it top marks too.

Apollo Milano 1800mm Vertical Plan Radiator

With modern styling in our homes we are including more appliances and products to make our busy lives easier, but this can often mean that we have to compromise in other directions, for example fitting a radiator into a kitchen that is both neat, as well as being efficient for the heating needs of the room. Apollo has a solution with their Milano vertical plan radiator which is offered in four width sizes making it possible to place radiators where previously it may not have been possible.

With width sizes of 300mm, 4000mm, 500mm and 600mm all with a height of 1800mm, it is possible to mount these either vertically or horizontally. With generous heat outputs ranging from 2972 BTU’s up to 5944BTU’s there will be a bathroom radiator in the collection that is suitable for most rooms. This white double panelled radiator is minimalistic in design, with a smooth steel front, making it ideally suited to the more modern settings, in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Mere Ellesmere ‘Dry ‘ Electric Towel Warmer

Electric towel warmers are the modern way to keep your towels warm dry and aired all year round and that particularly applies in the summer months when the heating may be turned off. The Mere Ellesmere ladder style ‘dry’ electric towel warmer is manufactured from 100% stainless steel and they operate with a dry element which ensures rapid heating as well as prolonging the life of the heating element.

The overriding reason for using stainless steel and dry element technology means the towel warmers are very efficient, consuming less power to maintain a constant temperature beneath towels. Designed and built to last a lifetime, this new range of heated towel rails is manufactured using stainless steel, an environmentally friendly material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion and these are offered in six sizes, including a curved version all with 10 year guarantees.

Bristan Prism Pillar Bath Filler

Bath mixer taps are just the thing you need to ensure that the bath water is at the right temperature for you, more so if you are filling the bath you the very young or elderly. Mixing the water using two separate taps can mean that a lot of precious water is wasted and can also mean that the bath might be too full as well.

The bath mixer tap has to be more than just functional though, you want it to enhance your bathroom and preferably match the basin taps as well. Bristan products have long been known for their quality and style; this bath mixer tap is no exception and utilises the very latest in disc technology, so no more dripping taps and you get precise mixing too. Over the last two
decades we have seen massive changes to bathroom products, Bristan is a leader in this field and the is just one example.

Apollo Torino Chrome Electric Radiator

Fitting an electric towel drying radiator is a modern outlook for installers and householders as it does not depend upon the central heating system being in use, not at all uncommon in the warmer months. UK Bathrooms has a wide range of towel drying and warming radiators and many of these are either electric or have an immersion heater fitted for use when the boiler is not operating.

Just one of many is from the Apollo range and the Torino, which is 200 watts capacity, more than adequate to keep the towels warm and aired, but economical in use also. A stylish chrome or white finish ensures that his towel warmer will enhance any bathroom or cloakroom where it is fitted, is of modern traditional design using a ladder concept, either straight or curved, giving plenty of room for more than just a single towel. The Apollo is great value for money and will give many years of service.