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Duel fuel towel rail elements

With the summer here it is a good time to consider fitting a dual fuel element to you towel rails in the bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite areas. By using one of these elements, you can still have warm dry towels when you shower or bathe without the need to have the central heating system operating and they are quite economical in use. Dual fuel heated towel rails give you the choice of two different energy sources on one rail, electric or central heating. Dual fuel is a great benefit in the summertime and is economically a good option and becoming ever more popular.

In the field of radiators the SBH name is synonymous with quality and service and the SBH dual fuel elements are available in four wattage outputs, depending on the size of your present towel rail and the degree of heat that you need. These are 100, 300, 400 and 600 watts the item consists of an electric heating element plus a ‘T’ piece connector and all can be used with a matching digital temperature controller. This element is really useful for when your central heating is off during the summer months.

UK Bathrooms customers should be completely happy with SBH products and they will provide an immediate replacement service for any item that might be found damaged or faulty.