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Buy British when it comes to bathrooms

If you were French, as an example, it would not occur to you to buy anything that was not made in France and the same applies to many other nations who will only consider buying goods made in their own countries, so why not do it here?

We at UK Bathrooms sell a variety of bathroom products and we are proud to say that many of the very best of these come from Europe, but equally we proudly display and sell British goods as well. Not least of these is the range of British showers that keep the flag flying here. So if you are considering buying a new shower enclosure or upgrading the bathroom or ensuite, why not buy British. Not only is buying British good for the country and ultimately one another, it’s better for the environment: Think of all those planes, boats, trains bringing bathroom goods all the way across the world and the amount of fuel they use on the long journeys they make. Buying British cuts down the carbon footprint of your bathroom! Four well established and respected companies producing shower enclosures are Simpson, Kudos, Matki and Daryl.

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