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Brand Spotlight – Cistermiser


The demands upon water are increasing annually and with the population of the country that will continue to increase, it is inevitable that water may become a very scarce commodity and this can only mean that it will become expensive too. Cistermiser are designers of water saving devices and have been producing items for the bathroom and commercial washrooms for more than thirty years.

The range of products that are designed and produced by Cistermiser is impressive and public sector, industrial and commercial users of water have seen marked reductions in their use of water, which also means a cost saving benefit as well. For example the infrared systems and no touch auto-flush operated urinals is something that most of us will have come across in commercial premises and on motorway service areas. . The Novatap is an example of an infrared tap that ensures that the user does not have to touch the device and it closes when the user moves away saving precious water and money. This tap is particularly useful for disabled toilets or in general use where the user may be elderly and struggle with a normal tap.

Cistermiser Infra red operating systems

Urinal flushing is an area where large savings can be made in water and with the Discreet Direct Flush infrared valve, water is only used when it is needed and the urinals are not being flushed when no one is in the washroom. There are a number of items in the portfolio of water saving devices from Cistermiser and installing these products will ensure that your water usage and water bill are dramatically reduced.

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