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Bisque Serenity Extractor Fan

A fan in a bathroom shower or cloakroom does not have to look like a fan it can be sleek with a finish that fits snugly to the ceiling of your room and to the casual observer, they would not even notice it and if they did would look with admiring glances. We are all aware of extractor fans which are noisy and again you do not have to have one that drowns out your thoughts or can be heard two or three rooms away. Fitting a Bisque Serenity extractor fan will give you a highly efficient extractor which looks good and is offered in a brushed or mirrored finish and is 80% quieter than a standard fan we are all perhaps used to. The Serenity can be used as a wall fan or a ceiling fitting whichever is your choice, the extractor efficiency can be set at either 5 or 10 litres per second depending on the location and size of room, or preference. There is a boost flow rate of 15 l/s and the consumption is a meagre 1.8 watts on standard setting, the noise level a whisper quiet 14 dba. Serenity will give your bathroom true tranquillity.

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