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Bathrooms through the ages part 8 – Modern Times

We’ve made it to present day with our bathrooms through the ages cartoon and the principle of the bathroom hasn’t really changed since Victorian times. In the majority of bathrooms there is still a bath, toilet and a basin which all work in a similar way to their Victorian counterparts.

Nowadays, every house in the UK has a bathroom, even those that weren’t originally built with a bathroom now have a room dedicated to going to bathing. This created a boom in the sector, spawning hundreds of bathroom manufactures from the 1900’s onwards, some of which are still trading today.

Modern bathrooms have changed throughout the decades with heavy cast iron baths being replaced by cheaper and lighter resins, acrylic and fiberglass. This revolution lead to many different colours of bathroom suites to suit individual tastes and peeked people’s interest for the latest in bathroom design.

From the 1950’s right through to the 1980’s coloured bathroom suites were the norm; pastel colours such as pink, blue and green were all the rage and the shower was also becoming a popular way of saving time in the bathroom.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s people’s tastes changed again, this time going back to standard white bathroom suites, with accents provided by coloured walls, tiles and mood lighting. Showers now became the norm, with many households getting rid of the bath completely, opting instead for a shower enclosure.

However, over the last decade people have moved back to older designs with Victorian bathroom suites becoming a popular fixture in the home again. Modern comforts have also become popular such as walk-in steam showers and eco-friendly toilets, and as technology advances we can expect to see a whole new sector of ergonomic and technologically advanced designs including interactive screens and water saving features.

Part 8 Modern Times

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