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Apollo Torino White Electric Radiator 450mm

You have created a delightful cloakroom form an unused cupboard and fitted it out with one of the many cloakroom suites that can now be bought but there is still one thing that it requires to complete the room; you need a towel rail or holder. So why not complete the cloakroom with one of the many electrical towel warmers you can see on our web pages which are easy to install?

The Apollo Radiator is a functional and well-designed electric radiator and is a great way to improve heat flow in a space with limited square footage. Your unused cupboard space is unlikely to have had a central heating circuit within easy reach so fitting the Apollo is ideal.

This radiator is finished in an attractive pure white, and measures 450 mm wide, you can choose a number of height options from 700 mm to 1500 mm. This gives a range of heat outputs from which you can choose, depending on the total area of the cloakroom; these outputs range from 200 watts to 450 watts, according to the radiator size.

Product testing and assembly occurs in the United Kingdom, and meets all safety requirements to prevent injury. The radiator comes in either a straight or curved design, so it is functional in just about any space. Not just a device to hang your towels but it warms the room too.