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Aestus Stradivari Designer Radiator

This great radiator designed by Italian architect Luca Scacchetti, the Stradivari designer radiator is manufactured from stainless steel and features a soft looking satin finish which will give a brilliant new look to your living room. In common with all Aztec radiators the Stradivari is manufactured from high quality stainless steel tube and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Ranging in size and heat outputs from 1150mm x 420mm heat output of 1654btu, to the top model 660mm x 2100mm heat output 4757btu, this is one of the Aestus radiators which forms the backbone of a new range entitled ‘Collection Inox’. Stradivari is formed from a series of rectangular panels with strategically placed cut outs resulting in a sculptural piece which is rather reminiscent of piano keys emphasising this musically named radiator.