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Adding elegance to your bathroom with a Bauhaus Essence Backlit Oval Mirror

Mirrors in a bathroom perform a number of functions, essentially they allow a person to shave, put on makeup, comb or brush ones hair. However they also can create an illusion of space and this is particularly beneficial in a smaller bathroom, en-suite, or cloakroom area.

The modern bathroom mirror today can also give the room a subtle creative ambience with the lighting. This is particularly so with the Bauhaus Essence backlit mirror which features LED lighting and this type of lighting creates fabulously low energy consumption. With this back lighting the reflective crystal clear quality of this mirror also creates the illusion of space, even in the smallest of areas.

Choosing this mirror will give complete functionality, as well as appearance, available in two sizes of 500mm by 800mm or 400mm by 800mm. The mirror can be hung in either portrait or landscape and your bathroom will have a cool, ambient wash of light. The lighting is operated by via an infra-red switch, as a bonus the de-mister pads quickly lift any condensation from the mirror surface, allowing for full use even when enjoying a hot, steamy shower.

We offer both sizes of Bauhaus Essence mirror at a 20% discount with our unbeatable prices.

Bauhaus Essence Backlit Oval Mirror

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