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Abandoned leopard cub reared in zookeeper’s bathroom

In our twenty or so years designing and supplying bathrooms we have heard many strange tales, some of which we have shared with you, occasionally with pictures, but the latest piece of news was quite a surprise!

We have occasionally read about humans abandoning their newly born children, but very rarely animals. So it was sad to hear that a beautiful and very rare one day old clouded leopard pup was abandoned by her mother at Cotswold Wildlife Park, found by the keeper shivering and clearly close to death.

The keeper took the pup home and decided that the best place to keep the leopard was in his bathroom, away from his doge downstairs. Apparently it was necessary to keep the pup warm and his bathroom was just such a place, could it be that he had a nice underfloor floor heating mat installed?

Well the leopard pup, named Nimbus was kept by the keeper for six weeks and we are delighted to hear that she has her own area in the park, when in time she will join another clouded leopard. The species hails from South East Asia and are on the vulnerable” of the International Union for Conservation of Nature; a happy ending for one clouded leopard.

leopard cub

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