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Burlington Brindley Double Ended Soaking Tub

Traditional freestanding baths are very much in fashion; look through the glossy magazines and you are sure to see a bathroom which pictures a traditional style bath. UK Bathrooms has long featured these on its web pages and currently offers no less than 47 stylish freestanding baths, which are guaranteed to transform your bathroom.

The Burlington Brindley Double ended bath is just one example manufactured from 10mm double sided acrylic with thermal design to ensure that e water does not lose its heat quickly. Using concealed fixing the feet of the bath are adjustable to compensate for slight unevenness of the floor. As with all Burlington products, the Brindley uses an up to date manufacturing process to achieve the highest possible level of quality and reproduce authenticity, meeting the popular demand for a timeless design.

Burlington Traditional Bidet

Throughout history, the bidet has been a hygienic addition to bathrooms around the world. The standard bidet consists of a simple ceramic fixture with the addition of taps for an easy and comfortable water flow. In common with not just Europe, but many parts of the world, the bidet is now used in Latin America and Asia.  The standard bidet can now be fitted with accessories to make it easier to use and better suited to match different bathroom styles and you can choose from traditional styles as well as contemporary design.

The Burlington Traditional Bidet is just one example and being period style, these are always a popular option for many bathroom buyers and Burlington offers a unique opportunity to meet demands for these timeless designs. Through using the most up to date manufacturing processes, Burlington achieves a high level of quality and authenticity in each product and it is supplied in white, with all mounting hardware included. Taps and waste fittings can be purchased separately to suit the other fittings in your bathroom or en-suite area.

Burlington Brindley Double Ended Soaking Tub

There is nothing like a good soak in the bath after a hard day at work or some vigorous gardening or sports activity. The one thing that we want when we are soaking in the bath is for it not to lose the heat in the water before we are thoroughly relaxed. This is where the Burlington Brindley double ended bath comes into its own.

The Burlington is made from double sided acrylic over 10mm thick and the thermal design ensures improved heat retentive properties and long life and the outer base skirt completes the beautifully curved exterior. Many believe that period style has never gone out of fashion and they will always be a popular option for many bathroom buyers and Burlington offers a unique opportunity to meet demands for these timeless designs. This Brindley freestanding roll top bath has been designed for wall mounted or floor standing taps. The Burlington uses the most up to date technology and achieves a high level of quality and authenticity in each product.

Finding the right sink or basin for your bathroom

When choosing a new sink for your cloakroom or en-suite you will be amazed at the wonderful choice you now have. There are many different types and sizes of bathroom sinks to choose from. Whether you are just looking for something functional, a really modern look or a more classic and stylish approach, there are dozens of shapes and sizes to choose from, so you should find what you are looking for.

It’s all a matter of taste, since any sink essentially provides the same thing, but choosing the most appropriate for the room of your choice requires a bit of thought before you start. So before you set your heart on a particular design, think about the size of the room, who uses it, how often, is it just to wash your hands or is it for all the family to use? Do you want to disguise all the plumbing, incorporate some handy storage space or are you looking for something a bit different? The choice is yours.

Make the most of a small bathroom

As the year starts to creep toward spring, but with the weather till hanging on to its winter grip, now is a good time to think about updating your bathroom, a refuge from the rest of the house where you can soak the day’s troubles away.

Many homes have small bathrooms but these can be take on a whole new look by fitting one of the new Victorian style baths which feature feet; these tend to give an impression of space. Before final fitting of the bath, get your electrician to light the back side of the underneath of the bath, which forms a nice pool of light on the floor and is also practical. No longer those harsh overhead lights when lying in the bath or using the bathroom in the middle of the night.

A period bath

Period style baths and bathrooms are extremely popular and except for a short period have never gone out of fashion. Bathroom designers will confirm that this is due to the classic lines of period or Victorian style baths, which in common with period architecture is timeless.

No bathroom designer or architect would consider suggesting that you use a real period bath when you can have a perfect replica but made with 21st century materials and technology. Burlington is one such manufacturer and a classic example from the range of period bathrooms and accessories is the Burlington Brindley Double Ended Soaking Tub. Using the most up to date manufacturing processes, Burlington achieves a high level of quality and authenticity with this product, which has excellent shoulder room and superb depth for a really comfortable soak.