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Hansgrohe Axor Starck V tap – innovation in movement!

We are really excited about the very latest tap that is in our showroom and we wanted to share this with you as soon as we could. Philippe Starck has excelled himself with this design of tap which he himself describes as “a revolution, the essence of minimalism a vortex, this wonder of nature, surrounded by complete transparency,”

The Axor starck V Spout tap has a glass body with an open ended spout which when operating allows us to see the water forming a vortex so fascinating that many will, we feel sure, just want to see it operate and almost forget why they have turned on the tap in the first place! The glass body and open-ended spout make it possible for us to experience water a completely natural element at home.

Axor Starck V

Hansgrohe are the manufacturers of this latest masterpiece and are renowned for their technological design and for bringing some stunning designs to the bathroom, the AxorV is just the latest. The spay researchers at Hansgrohe have been working in conjunction with Philippe Stack to try to bring us a way in which we could see the vortex in operation and they have succeeded with this glass bodied product.

However, what has not to be lost it that the tap has to be both functional and made easy to keep clean, they have achieved this with their easy click-in design and safety-stop function make it really easy to remove the glass body from its base to clean it, even without having to close the valve. Naturally the selected crystal glass has also been very carefully chosen and is dirt resistant and can be cleaned in the family dishwasher.

A number of finishes is offered for this revolutionary tap, chrome and high-gloss white variant, together with 12 other exclusive finishes, such as brushed nickel for the base and a sandblasted crystal glass variant for the body.

Shower heads that are made to impress!

A shower head is a functional device that is seen on every shower, but it can be very striking too, so why not take a look at these fantastic shower heads that were made to impress.

We illustrate just three of these and for a shower head that will get your family and friends talking, the Pegler Star fixed shower head & arm is guaranteed to do that. This chrome head is modernist in design, but above all it is very functional as well as being contemporary. The shower head offers the user four different choices of spray pattern; this multi-mode shower head produces a gentle stream or a torrent of refreshing water, all dependent upon the preference of the user. The Pegler is unique as well as being very attractive, perfect for any size of shower enclosure certain to be modern and appealing, but very easy to clean. As with all Pegler shower accessories and fixtures, this shower head comes with a full five-year warranty from any manufacturing defects.

Pegler Star fixed shower head & arm

Another modern looking shower head but with a difference is the Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall 180 Air 2jet Overhead Shower. Whilst this shower head is guaranteed to make an impression to all who see it, above it is the two different spray settings that will impress the user. The Flood Jet gives a wide, generous spray to ensure a relaxing soak, while the gentle blend of air and water of the RainAir gives a more relaxing, mist-like experience. A water pressure of 2 bars is necessary to enable the system to work and the head is offered in either white or chrome finish.

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall 180

The third of our choices is the Grohe Rain Shower F-Series Celling Shower and is designed to give the user a customised shower experience. It has been cleverly designed to be almost invisible and because it uses GROHE’s brilliant DreamSpray technology, this distributes the spray evenly and efficiently across the nozzle, and is very easy for the user to adjust for perfect flow rate. What is important in any shower head is the ease of cleaning and the GROHE is designed for that, add to that the SpeedClean system, this will ensure that her is no build-up of timescale.

Grohe Rain Shower F-Series Celling Shower

Axor Starck V bathroom tap by Philippe Starck

We are delighted to be associated with the exclusive launch of another stunning design from Philippe Starck in the shape of a glass bodied open ended spout tap that looks, as well as functions, beautifully. Indeed when describing his new design, Philippe said “Axor Starck V is a revolution, the essence of minimalism, a vortex, this wonder of nature, surrounded by complete transparency,” and we could not have described it better.

Axor Starck V

The Axor Starck V was the subject of a lot of research by the Hansgrohe technicians until they finally perfected the vortex principal which is the secret of this exclusive mixer. The Axor Starck V is certainly beautiful, but importantly it is functional as well. With the very easy-click-in design and safety-stop function, this makes it really easy to remove the glass body from its base to clean it.

Axor Starck V2

The material itself is also very carefully selected, Hansgrohe used crystal glass, which is top quality and importantly this is dirt resistant, you can even put the glass body into the dishwasher! In addition to the chrome and high gloss white, you have a choice of twelve different finishes, for example brushed nickel for the base and a sandblasted crystal glass variant for the body.

Check out a video of the Axor Starck V features below:

Philippe Starck – bathroom designer

Depending upon how avant garde they are, some designers are very extrovert and this could apply to French designer Philippe Starck who has been responsible for designing a multitude of interior items over the years, but from our point of view it is his bathroom designs that interest us the most. We consider that his greatest successes are the Axor Starck collection, with which Hansgrohe caused a stir in 1994, with the first mixer tap with a joystick operating lever!


Parisien born Starck, now in his 67th year studied in the French capital in the 1960’s and his designs have appeared in prestigious hotels in New York as well as London, these included billowing ceiling-height curtains and voluptuous seating, claiming that these represent the actors on the stage of life.

We are particularly proud to display many of his designs on our web pages and the fabulous range of bathroom products in the Axor Starck range from Hansgrohe; together with the Axor Starck organics are increasingly popular with our customers.

In the Axor Starck range we offer a range of basin, bath and kitchen mixer taps and bath shower mixers. The Axor Starck Twin Handle Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap, as the name suggests is one of his two handled designs and utilises ceramic cartridges so no more leaking from the tap or messy washers to change. On the other hand the Axor Starck Classic Single Lever Standard Basin Mixer demonstrates the joystick principle and is simplicity itself to operate.

Axor Starck Classic Single Lever Standard Basin Mixer

The Axor Starck Ecostat 1001 SL Exposed Thermostatic Shower mixer is a sleek and stylish way to regulate shower temperature. The thermostatic temperature controls allow users to easily adjust temperature with a simple push button. A classy addition to any bathroom, whether a new build or an upgrade.

The organic range of Hansgrohe Axor Starck products are an innovative blend of cutting edge, sleek design and modern technology in one. Take the Axor Starck Organic Basin Mixer 280 as one example of a basin mixer with a truly unique identity. This mixer features a fully adjustable spray direction ensuring that this can be customised to match the contours of your basin, no chance of this splashing back at the user. The mixer also has separate temperature and flow controls give a balanced mix every time.

Axor Starck Organic Basin Mixer 280

The Axor Starck Organic Porter Unit is no ordinary shower head and it is clear that Axor Starck has had his hand in the design of the beautiful small and stylish hand shower. Cast in chrome in a minimalist, geometric form makes for the perfect addition in the highly modern bath or space. The baton hand shower features two different settings, with a simple twist of the set, select between a normal spray, and a gentler soft spray as required.

Hansgrohe – luxury showering in your bathroom

Although Hansgrohe make a superb range of taps, other brassware and bathroom accessories, it is their approach to showering that has changed the way that most of us and their competitors look at today’s shower. They first came up with a hand shower as far back as 1928, but it is the new era of showering that we saw in 2005 when they introduced the air shower, which saw a revolution in the delivery of the water from the spray head. With this air, the jets are completely transformed into soft rain or a powerful water massage and it completely changes the way in which the water falls from this, which can be anything from gentle rain to a vigorous massage.

For example, the Hansgrohe Raindance AIR Shower Head and Arm allows you to stand under this shower head with warm water flowing over you and just feel relaxed as each water droplet is imbued with air to make for a voluminous spray. The shower head is stylish in high polished chrome, and is very easily cleaned by the Hansgrohe QuickClean system the helps remove lime scale deposits quickly and easily. The shower arm extends 389mm making the arm quite long so you can easily stand under the shower head and be completely engulfed.

Monza Basin, WC, Shower & Bath Suite

You cannot fail to be impressed with the stylish Monza bathroom suite package, which includes items from top manufacturers including, Hansgrohe, Matki, and Villeroy & Boch. The designer washbasin is the Subway semi pedestal from Villeroy & Bosch fitted with a Hansgrohe Focus single lever mixer tap with an adjustable temperature restrictor and aerator. The close coupled floor standing WC is a matching unit from the same manufacturer. Add to this the Carron Quantum SE 1700mm bath tub which comes with the perfectly matching Hansgrohe Monotrou single lever mixer tap, Geberit pop-up waste and overflow and Vitra Optima front bath panel.

Many would be pleased with this combination but added to the package is Hansgrohe Croma 100 multi combi 65m shower set in a modern bar design, which includes shower mixer with pre-adjustable hot water restriction, noise reducing connections and multi hand shower, enclosed within the RCC Radiance 900mm curved corner shower surround complete with tray. A designer bathroom suite that will impress and at a surprisingly low price.