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Zehnder Altai Spa Towel Drying Radiator

When you are considering an upgrade to your bathroom, planning a cloakroom or new en-suite, put a little thought into the heating and towel warming options that we can offer. One top class radiator is the Zehnder Altai Spa Towel Drying Radiator which is not just efficient, which it is, but it looks stunning as well.

Constructed with slim-line single or celebrex cost double tubes, the new, unique Acova Altai can meet any central heating requirement; importantly the radiator can be used in the summer months when the heating is turned through its inbuilt immersion heater. This is also a beautiful decorative radiator with an RASL 9016 paint finish which is electrophoretically applied ensuring adhesion and longevity. Supplied in nine sizes to suit the requirements and size of the room where it is fitted.

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