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What is the best bathroom flooring?

Although it probably is not the first thing that you consider when upgrading you bathroom, the floor can completely transform the way a bathroom looks. A designer will tell you that an especially beautiful floor can influence the way a bathroom looks as much as any item within it.

Most people with opt for ceramic tiles and it’s a fact that they are durable and hygienic, easy to keep clean and most of all, completely waterproof. These come in a variety of choices and colours and can incorporate a non slip pattern.

Another popular choice is vinyl which is cost effective and easy to maintain, also like ceramic tile it is waterproof, stain-resistant and non-allergenic; it is also simple to install and has good durability, it can also last a long time. Vinyl is a practical solution for busy families and everyday living and can even simulate marble or wood.

Cork is a trational bathroom floor covering and has the advantage of being comfortable to walk on as well as being warm underfoot. It is naturally rot-resistant and non-slip, even when wet. It is recommended that it is sealed t prevent dirt and stains becoming apparent on the surface. Cork is naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mould and mildew.

Natural stone is another option and is amongst the luxury flooring choices which includes marble, limestone and slate. Naturally, it is resistant to wear and tear and completely waterproof and although it can have a cold feel, this can be easily overcome by installing an electric heating mat beneath, which can be thermostatically controlled.

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