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Water saving baths

There is not an argument that baths can use a lot of water, far more than a shower but, many people prefer to have a long soak in a bath particularly if they have taken part in physical exercise or done a spell of gardening to ease those aching muscles. Although in the wet year just gone by, it may seem hard to believe, but water is a precious resource and there are parts of our country that do suffer from water shortages at certain times of the year, it can also be an expensive commodity when metered.

One of a number of water saving baths that we feature on our site is the Ideal Standard Concept Water Saving Bath. This is a clever design and with a gentling sloping interior and with tapering end the design saves water but still allows the user to have a comfortable soak in less water than a conventional bath. Fitted with the Ideal waste system this takes care of the overflow as well as waste; the tub is ideal for both large and small spaces and with its adjustable feet the user can effortlessly size it for maximum comfort. The bath is offered with several tap options, none or two and these can be either on the left or right side.