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Warmup Undertile Heating

The modern and safe way to heat up a bathroom or shower area is to use under tile heating. There is nothing quite like getting out of your bath or shower cubicle and standing on a nice warm surface, but above all it raises the room temperature to a predetermined setting.

Warmup is the specialist in underfloor heating and installation of the heating mat is simple and very straightforward. However as with any electrical device, underfloor heating connections should only be fitted by a competent and trained electrician. The pack is comprehensive and consists of 1 x DWS400 Warmup Undertile Heater pack comprising primer, roller, heater, tape and instructions, 1 x DWS800 Warmup Undertile Heater pack and 1 x XSTAT Programmable Digital Timer Thermostat.

The Warmup Undertile Heating system can be installed under any ceramic or natural stone floor tiles such as, Slate, Porcelain, Limestone, Marble and Terracotta. The under tile heating pack can be supplied in 10 heat outputs depending on the size of the room to which it is being fitted and all come with ten year warranties.

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