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VitrA Slope bath filler tap

It is possible to give your bathroom a facelift, in fact a complete new look by doing something simple like fitting new bath taps. Modern taps are more efficient than their predecessors and feature technology, such a ceramic discs, which end the misery of dripping taps and generally are much easier to use as well.

The VitrA Slope Bath Filler tap uses ceramic discs so you can look forward to a trouble free future. The Vitra Slope is modern and will bring a new look to your bathroom adding contemporary styling. The taps are finished in high chrome and with dual lever controls, even the elderly or those with limited grip will find them easy to operate. celebrex cost The VitrA bath filler is just one of the modern collections of Design Essential taps and more examples are to be found at the VitrA pages.

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