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Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED Light (3 Pack)

There can be nothing more annoying than waking the rest of the house when you stagger to the bathroom in the middle of the night by switching on the bathroom light, especially if the extractor fan is connected to the lighting, which is very common today. Similarly if you are working on a late shift and come home late at night when, others are in bed, by fitting one of the Unique motion sensor lights you can access the bathroom or any other part of the house such as a hallway or staircase.

The lights are battery powered and are easily fitted by a simple adhesive strip, contained in the pack. Or for a more permanent fixing, screws and wall plugs are provided. The motion sensor will detect motion up to ten feet away and will give an adequate pool of light of 10 square feet. and sensibly switch themselves off 30 seconds after the last motion detection. The batteries are AA size alkaline and will last an average of one year from installation, The product is weatherproof and can be fitted outdoors as well as inside. Never stumble in the dark at night again with a Mr Beam motion sensor.