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Unique Lighting Motion Sensor LED 3 Light Kit

Using the bathroom at night does not have to be a problem and it is not necessary to disturb the whole household by turning on lighting in the hallway or the main bathroom light, particularly if this also operates an extractor fan. All of these problems can be easily overcome by fitting LED motion sensor lighting to the bathroom and if required the hallway as well, which requires only simple DIY skills.

The Mr Beams All Purpose Motion Sensor is a battery powered and operated LED light which is easy to mount almost anywhere either inside or outside in minutes with no wiring needed. The battery life is extremely economical and will last on average a full year. The pack contains all that is needed with 6 screws and wall plugs, 3 mounting brackets, double sided adhesive tape and a useful user manual.

Each individual light will detect motion up to 10 feet away, and will provide 10 square feet of lighting, should you want to use the light outside they are weatherproof. The lights will turn themselves off 30 seconds after the last motion was detected.

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