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It’s a new era here at UKBathrooms today we have launched our brand new shiny site, doesn’t it look great? It’s been a good while in coming, we had our previous site for six years, for us that design was just getting a bit too old. We wanted something new, fresh and modern so we took the plunge in 2012 to start working on a new design, with Bronco.

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The first step was to create our new logo, which as you know we introduced last month, which was designed by Sharp, who also worked on the colour scheme, icons and text which were the foundations of our new design. Bronco designed our first website in 2007, then again a year later in 2008. Since then they have been constantly updating the website, altering it and adding new aspects until it became pretty bulky.

We had a vision for our new website it had to be:

  • A responsive design
  • A familiarity for our customers
  • Sleek and sharp
  • Easy to use
  • Provide a clear message to our customers
  • Quality
  • Have conversion rate optimisation

Not too much really! The basis of the redesign was to focus on Lifestyle, an attainable lifestyle for ukBathrooms customers. A website that would encourage visitors to not only buy from us (our unbeatable prices help with that) but also come back for all their bathroom needs and recommend to friends and family. Our main aim was to have a responsive design, so the website is functional not only on desktops, but tablet devices and mobile phones. Many of our customers now visit on tablets and mobiles, especially when out and about, so we wanted to make sure our site looked and worked well on these devices.

With all these changes, we also wanted to keep some familiarity for our customers, we haven’t changed as a company it’s just our website looks different. You can still find the same great prices on quality bathroom products, helpful service and speedy delivery from us here at ukBathrooms. We just made the website easier to use and much more user friendly. Our product pages include more details, our images are bigger and we have added easy to use filters which makes searching for the right product so much easier.


We also know how much our customers love the social side of our website, we have added easy to use social buttons, so you can easily keep up with all the latest news, reviews and offers.  So if you like the look of our new website, then please share it among your friends and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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