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UK Bathrooms awarded Best of Houzz 2015 for Design

We are fortunate enough here at UK Bathrooms to work with some of the best bathroom manufacturers in the world and always pride ourselves of providing our customers with some of the most inspiring bathroom designs for them to create their own.

So, it’s no wonder that we have been awarded the Best of Houzz for design for the second year running. Houzz is the leading platform for home renovation and design, and connects millions of people online with some of the most innovative interior design brands in the world.

Best of Houzz

UK Bathrooms have been chosen by the 25 million plus users of the Houzz community to be awarded with the Best of Houzz 2015 prize for design. We now get to display our Best of Houzz 2015 award on our Houzz profile, taking pride of place next to our 2014 award and helping users around the world to learn even more about our business and products.

For those of you not familiar with Houzz, here is a brief description about the website:

Houzz is a leading portal for home renovation and design, providing over 25 million users worldwide with everything they need to improve their homes.

From decorating a spare room to building an entire home, Houzz connect homeowners, designers and enthusiasts with over 15,000 builders, interior design specialists and suppliers from all over the world.

This vibrant community allows users to find inspiration, get advice about their projects, buy products and hire professionals to turn their ideas into reality.

Check out the website today and see what inspiration you can find by visiting the UK Bathroom Houzz page.

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