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What turns you off the most in the bathroom?

We would be very interested to know is just what turns you off the most when you walk into a bathroom, your own or someone else’s?

We raise the question because when reading in a trade magazine recently, the Swedish furniture giant Ikea conducted a survey amongst 2,000 adults to see what it is that annoyed them when visiting the bathroom.

The biggest turn off for both men and women it seems is hair in the plughole, this was a big turn off for men as 20% said that pulling their partners hair out of the plug hole was a major bugbear. Their partners on the other hand were really put out by men not flushing the toilet, so it is not leaving the seat up then is it!

How happy would you be to show people around your bathroom was another question that was asked. It seems that the happy folk in the South West of our country would be very pleased to let people into their bathrooms; a massive 94% said they would be quite happy. This is in complete contrast to 12% of the Welsh who would really like to ban any visitors’ from using their facilities and we presume that means guests in their houses.

So this has set us off thinking here at UK Bathrooms, we would love to hear from all our readers what turns you off when you visit a bathroom, your own or someone else’s, tell us we’re dying to know.

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