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Toe in tap tragedy, and other bathroom horrors to avoid:

Here at UK Bathrooms we pride ourselves on the fantastic service we offer, and then we go further and offer that service at an unbeatable price.

To look after our lovely customers as well as we can we believe we need to know more about you, and from time to time we undertake research into people’s likes and behaviours.

We recently commissioned a piece of research into things that go wrong in the bathroom – and there are lots of things that happen that might surprise you. Although we all had a snigger at some of the mishaps people have suffered, it served to highlight that care is needed in the bathroom. If it’s any consolation – the majority of us in the office have had at least one of these crazy bathroom accidents happen to us.

We talked to nearly two thousand people and a fifth (19%) said they had had an accident that they were prepared to disclose. I wonder how many were just too embarrassed? I reckon nearly every adult will have had some sort of shaving accident, but no one mentioned that. Instead the most common injury was caused by a slip – and with all that water sloshing around that’s no surprise.

I’d like to stress that although the people mentioned below all hurt themselves to some degree none suffered lasting injuries, well, except for the poor soul who knocked out three teeth against the sink when the booze got the better of their attempt to take of their trousers!

Of course while an injury might be amusing to read about, it’s actually no laughing matter and here at UK Bathrooms we supply various items to help protect people from falls. In particular grab handles can be useful for the elderly, but also the young and foolish. The bath and shower are the places where most people seem to have some sort of accident, and grip mats and handles can help in both locations.

14% of people had accidents on the loo – and I wonder how many people have forgotten the times their phone has dropped down the pan. One of our respondents told us a particularly unfortunate story relating to phone – they dislocated their shoulder while trying to fish it out! To add insult to their injury the phone didn’t work afterwards. It’s worth knowing that if you leave a phone that has accidentally got wet in a warm place for a couple of days they do tend to dry out and then work fine – but we can’t guarantee it.

Some poor person confessed to giving themselves a surprise that made us all wince to read about. The victim admits to being rather overweight, but didn’t expect to break the toilet seat because of it. They said they slashed their never regions – I dread to think what the details may be!

Another cause of injury that could easily be avoided is slipping from the loo because the seat brackets are loose. These are easy to tighten so please don’t leave your family at risk from something like this at home. I know often in service stations, airports and other public places the seat brackets are loose, or just broken off. I think I’d rather wait until I get home if I possibly can.

An accident that I thought was strange, but it turned out that some friends had suffered too was a dislocated toe after getting it caught in a bath tap! Ow! That must hurt.

But how many men do you know who would admit to getting a shock after dropping their hair straighteners into a sink of water? I admire the fellow who told our researchers about his little jolt just for owning up to it.

While this is a light hearted look at what can go wrong in the bathroom, at UK Bathrooms we want to help you avoid anything like this. While we can’t help you when you have had a few too many glasses of pop, we can offer you many precautions. Take care in there! It should be a calm place of luxury and relaxation, not a source of business for Casulty.