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The world of Ideal Standard

From extremely humble beginnings in 1872 at a tin shop in the United States, Ideal Standard has grown into one of the biggest suppliers of bathroom equipment anywhere, with over three hundred and seventy four products in their portfolio which they supply worldwide. An impressive range of names now prosper under the Ideal Standard banner, household names such as Armitage Shanks and Trevi Showers to name but two.

Armitage Shanks has been around since 1850 and the range of ceramic products for the bathroom is extensive and it is likely that we have all, at some time, used one of their products. The Trevi Shower range is at the forefront of technology and for example the Trevi thermostatic mixers allow you to select the temperature to suit you and will not change even if someone turns on a tap or there is a reduction of water pressure.

One of the most popular from their range is the Trevi Therm Exposed Valve with Multi-function Shower Kit which includes an exposed valve, riser rail, shower head, hose and soap dish. The easy-to-use controls allow you to choose a temperature, set the dial and leave it there for future use. Additionally it includes the Trevi built-in temperature stop to prevent water from reaching dangerous temperatures in the event that the supply pressure falls or fails, automatically turning the shower off.