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The toilet that does it all

For most people, having a toilet that flushes properly is their major concern, but for those with money to burn ($10,000 to be exact) the Neorest 750H by TOTO is the be all and end all of toilets.

Inspired by modern architecture, this high-tech toilet features a heated seat, massage function and even has two ‘sanitising nozzles’ which TOT claims to eliminate the need for toilet paper. The toilet also features a lid that automatically opens and closes for you.

Ergonomically designed to give the best seating position, the Neorest 750H has a deodoriser to get rid of unwanted smells and also has a built-in dryer for your delicate areas. The stainless-steel sanitising spray nozzles provide ‘the ultimate in personal cleansing’ according to the manufacturer and the nozzles also clean themselves meaning virtually no maintenance needed.

Neorest 750H 2

The included remote control also lets users adjust the water pressure and temperature for the ultimate comfort.

When the user has finished washing, drying and massaging themselves, the Neorest 750H toilet automatically flushes and closes the lid.

If you cannot afford the $10,000 (£6,000) asking price for the Neorest 750H toilet, the company also offer a more affordable Brondell Swash 1000 Bidet, a universal toilet seat that provides the same cleaning, deodorising and heating functions at a more reasonable $400 (£240).

Neorest 750H

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