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The new traditional bathroom

It is a contradiction in words, but the swing toward retro styling in the bathroom has never been greater as more of us are falling in love with the old Victorian style of bathroom fittings. The huge difference of course is the taps and brassware, although looking distinctly Victorian or Edwardian hide modern technology such as ceramic discs instead of old style washers.

Cisterns are similar in looks but have modern dual flush and eco friendly valves ensuring efficient flushing with the minimum amount of water usage. Naturally if you have bought or live in a house built in the early part of the last century, you may want to try to keep as much of the period styling as you can, without of course compromising on modern convenience or quality. Looking through the pages at our Traditional Bathrooms Ideas section is a great place to start.

You will find a wide variety of options here for the section on sinks there is a choice of nearly 130 basins just in the traditional section! You can find roll top baths, high level cisterns, but ones that work, or why not keep the look with the convenience of a close-coupled unit. Just to point you to a modern retro basin take a look at the beautiful B.C. Sanitan Victorian Blue Pattern Basin almost looks too good to use.