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The Average Lifespan of a British Toilet Brush is Four Years

In case you were wondering, British households change their toilet brushes every four years according to research. For some this may cause concern of hygiene issues; however it does seem to be one aspect many people don’t pay much attention to.

Research conducted by online bathroom retailer into bathroom hygiene habits polled 1,345 UK homeowners to find out their bathroom habits. People were asked questions such as; ‘how often they cleaned their bathroom’ they also asked if respondents ‘owned a toilet brush’.

They found that 84% of UK householders owned a toilet brush and on average they were replaced with a new brush every four years. 96%, claimed to use the toilet brush ‘regularly’ as well with 66% only using water from the toilet to clean it rather than some kind of anti-bacterial fluid.Those that do use the toilet brush regularly stated that it gets used in their household on average three times a week. That means in the toilet brushes life span it gets used more than 620!

Cleaning the toilet is an important part of cleaning the whole bathroom, UK Bathrooms found some interesting numbers as to how many times UK householders actually clean their whole bathroom. When asked; ‘how often do you properly clean your bathroom?’ the results showed:

Daily – 3%
Weekly – 37%
Monthly – 41%
Every few months – 9%
Every 6 months – 6%
Less frequently – 4%

Peter Gregg, Director of, spoke about the findings:

“Our survey is quite an eye opener! You might keep a spotless bathroom, but it seems it’s easy to overlook the cleanliness of the cleaning implements within it. When something is used to clean the loo, it’s bound to pick up bacteria over time and that’s probably something that you’d rather not think about.”

He added:

“But we would advise keeping a small bit of bleach in your loo brush holder to kill any nasty germs and also to replace your loo brush more frequently than once every four years!”

Image courtesy of Close to Home