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Terrier Straight TRV & Lockshield Thermostatic Valve Pack

The cost of oil and gas for heating our homes in not likely to come down in price very much at any time in the near future, a very good reason to preserve this precious resource. Although most, if not all homes will have some thermostatic control, this thermostat will usually be situated in a hallway or sitting room and when this area reaches the set temperature, the whole house heating is switched off.

This is one of the sound reasons for fitting thermostatic valves to each radiator. These valves individually switch off each radiator to which they are fitted when the desired temperature has been reached in its vicinity. The aspect of the room south facing large windows as an example would be ideal for a thermostatic radiator valve. This room would reach a desired temperature faster than a north facing area and vital fuel can be saved here. A full range of thermostatic valves can be found at UK Bathrooms and one example is the Terrier TRV which boasts features and benefits combining many functional advantages with attractive styling and exceptional value for money. Operation of the TRV is very user friendly. The operational temperature range is 7°C to 28°C.

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