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How to spruce up your bathroom with accessories

If your bathroom is starting to look more shabby than chic but you don’t want to go all out with ripping out the units and starting afresh or you’re working to a budget, reviving your worn our room doesn’t need to be as difficult as it might seem. One of the most simple ways to spruce up your bathroom is to incorporate accessories into the room seamlessly and stylishly.

HIB Milan MirrorOnce you’ve got a colour scheme or theme decided upon for the room, make sure the accessories you choose match that. For example, if you’re going for contemporary and stylishly sleek, as is the trend in bathrooms this year, pick a minimalistic mirror with chrome edging that will blend into the rest of the room easily. Coordinate this with other minor details in the bathroom for an overall neat look, such as a shiny chrome towel rail or even right down to the toilet roll holder.

Sorting out your lighting will make a huge difference to your bathroom. Nobody likes that stark bright white lighting, especially when you use your bathroom for applying make-up, putting in contact lenses or shaving. Choosing smaller lamps or lights with shades to dot around the room will create a more calming atmosphere, making your bathroom a more relaxing place to be. Again, make sure these fit in with the particular theme you’ve chosen as an antique lamp just isn’t going to look right up against a state of the art shower system.

Imperial Brokton Wall Light with White Linen Shade Imperial Cadiz Wall Light with Glass Shade

The key with keeping a bathroom looking stylish and on trend whether it’s a big or small room, aside from sticking to a theme, is to choose your accessories wisely so that the room doesn’t look overly cluttered as it can do by choosing a variety of different things. Instead of leaving all your bottles of lotions and potions out on the side, tidy them away into a practical but sophisticated cabinet, and make sure the whole family stashes their toothbrushes into a holder or beaker. Within no time and little cost but thoughtful planning, you’ll have an updated stylish looking bathroom that’s still fully functional and on trend.

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