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Soothe your mind, body, and soul.

On this blog, we talk a lot about giving inspiration to generating designs for your dream bathroom. Yet, as we all know, that’s only part of the magic when it comes to design creation. To build your true dream room, you must take into account all your five senses. Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.

We at ukbathrooms have sight, touch, and hearing down to the tee. Sight through our aesthetics, designs, and fashion. Touch through the practicalities of modern bathroom function. Hearing through technological advances in mechanics. Yet, what we have lacked (until now), is smell and taste.

H2k Skincare

Into the arena, enters H2k. Based out of Harrogate, this exciting skincare brand uses Kalahari Melon Seed Oil as their key ingredient. The oil is wonderful at rejuvenating, calming, and rebalancing the skin. They are a well-established skincare company, who are motivated in creating the most beautiful formulations for your skin.

Over the last year, it has become clear that self-care has never been more important. With the kids constantly at home, or your bed becoming your office, it has been a struggle to truly look after ourselves. There is this hope, that as we ease out of lockdown then life will also return to normal. I’m sure it will, but in the meantime, make room for some ‘me-time’.

The beauty of H2k is that you can create a daily routine around their products, they have you covered with every base. Be it on the go, with their Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, or their many hand washes, lotions, bubble baths, shower gels, and care gift sets.

Hand routine

As part of our COVID routine, the majority of us have begun to realize our hands becoming cracked and tough from constant cleaning. Normal Antibacterial hand sanitiser can be quite rough on our hands. Yet, the H2K Antibacterial hand sanitiser has been formulated to be kinder to our skin.

The Mischief Hand wash is created using a beautifully enriched combination of Eucalyptus and Frankincense. The Eucalyptus isn’t just good for Koalas, it also helps improve dry skin. The Frankincense helps strengthen and improve skin tone.

If you prefer a lotion, then the organic lifestyle cucumber hand and body lotion may be the one for you. It is an invigorating lotion. Enriched with nourishing cucumber extracts to improve and hydrate the appearance of your skin. The cucumber provides a fresh fragrance and has higher water content, allowing the skin to keep its moisture. In turn, your skin will never feel more regenerated.

Rejuvenate and regenerate with this hand and body lotion. Gift yourself some relaxation and serenity.

H2k Organic lifestyle cucumber hand and body lotion.

Body routine

Relax, unwind, and soothe your mind, body, and soul with the Lavender and Sandalwood bubble bath. The Lavender is well known to be calming and Sandalwood is kind to your skin and will help reduce the signs of aging. This bubble bath would be perfect within one of our deepest freestanding or double-ended baths. Let yourself float away into serenity.

If you would prefer to have an energizing shower, then the Cherry Velvet Nourishing bath and shower gel are perfect for you. It is formulated using anti-inflammatory rose extract. As well, a black cherry extract can help defend skin against environmental aggressors. While at the same time being hydrating and nutritious.

Subtly fragranced, relaxing bath or energising shower. Gift yourself some relaxation and serenity.

H2k Cherry velvet with rose and black cherry bath and shower gel

Soul routine

Finally, nothing says self-care more than supporting your friends. H2k offers many wonderful care gift sets, which contain a combination of different products from each collection. The calm seas gift box does exactly what it says on the label.  It is created from two enhanced beneficial ingredients – cacao butter and mango extract. Cacao butter is distinguished in its moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The mango extract is rich in vitamin A and is exceptional for refining the tone and texture of your skin.

Self-care by supporting your friends with this gift box. Gift them relaxation and serenity.

H2k calm seas body care gift box

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