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Showerlux Designa Shower Screen

One of the drawbacks of an overbath shower is the problem of keeping the shower water confined to the bath and not the rest of the bathroom. Over time this has been achieved by fitting a shower curtain, but this has its own problems with condensation and mould growth being difficult to contain.

Fitting a modern shower screen to the bath solves all of these problems and also adds to the sleek look of your bathroom. The Showerlux Designa shower screen has the advantage of being wide and so contains water even when the kids are splashing water around the way they do in the swimming pool. The panel is of two panel design; 180 degree opening to make cleaning easy, has “Glass Shield” easy clean glass protection included as standard and is constructed with 8mm toughened safety glass on the fixed panel, 6mm on the screen. With a comprehensive guarantee along with a first class after sales service you have total peace of mind and a dry bathroom as well.

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