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Schneider Graceline 3 Door Mirror Cabinet

Most bathrooms contain the usual array of toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes etc – which can quickly make the way a room look cluttered, especially when you add in all of the other cosmetic and cleaning products. By installing plenty of bathroom furniture the clutter can be stowed away to give your bathroom a more open appearance while remaining practical and functional.

Fitting a Schneider Graceline 3 door mirror cabinet will resolve these issues and give you a pleasant lighting effect as well. The profile is natural anodised aluminium, 3 hinged doors with soft door closure, door dimensions are 50/30/50cm. There are mirrors both inside and outside the cabinet, and it is comprehensively fitted out with intermediate walls, continuously adjustable glass shelves, accessory box and magnifying mirror, dummy plate left and socket right above, double pull switch above centre. Indirect lighting is achieved through fluorescent tubes with electronic ballast.

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