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Saint Patrick’s Day and bathroom suites

A group of people here decided to go down to one of the local Irish pubs on St Patrick’s day on Sunday and celebrate with one or two Irish colleagues and have a “drop of the black stuff” not quite on the scale that they celebrate in Dublin or London, the latter city has a whole week of celebrations with parades and a festival which allow people to experience many aspects of Irish culture including food, crafts, dance and music.

This set one or two asking on the Monday if we sold any Irish bathroom products amongst the many from our wide selection of British and European manufacturers, well at UK Bathroom we sell a great Irish bathroom product; Shires. From its early foundations this company became part of the Irish based Qualceram and was listed in London and Dublin in 1997, the company was hit badly in 2009 by the dramatic downturn in their home market of Ireland and then in 2010 became part of Ideal Standard International.

A great range of products are available and include many stylish basins, taps and mixers, WC’s and baths, naturally now they are produced under the arm of Ideal the quality is still as high as it ever was and has the backing of the great international company.