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Roper Rhodes New England 700mm Mirror, Shelves & Canopy

Bathroom cabinets with an illuminated mirror can be great and we feature many of these from top manufacturers on our web pages, but one that is proving to be a best seller is in fact not a cabinet but an illuminated mirror with some classy shelving for storing those important toiletries.

Roper Rhodes which is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of bathroom accessories and bathroom furniture and they have many elegant accessories in their portfolio including cabinets and mirrors. The product that we feature is one with a large mirror measuring 740 mm across and 1010 mm tall, illuminated by a canopy which also has features a power socket for your electric bathroom appliances, such as a shaver or toothbrush. Along the right hand side of the mirror there are three shelves all of which are 150mm wide, sufficient for your toiletries and other items making this a great addition in you are putting this over a vanity unit. With the addition of this Roper Rhodes accessory, your bathroom or en-suite will be an even more inviting space, morning or evening.