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Roca The Gap Corner Basin 500mm

If you are considering turning a small room into an en-suite, a cloakroom, or you would like to make more space in a small bathroom, to perhaps include a modern shower enclosure, this can be achieved using the Roca Gap corner basin. The Gap is an exciting new collection by Carlo Urbinati for Roca. The Gap offers a wide choice of basins, WCs and bidets to appeal to each individual requirement and allowing the space to be perfectly tailored to each taste. With a total of nine different basin options including; wall-hung, cloakroom, semi-recessed and corner basins, with sizes ranging from a generous 650mm to a compact 350mm. you are sure to find just the right one. The Roca Gap has a single tap hole and overflow, with a wide collection of mixer taps available as optional extras that can be seen at the taps and mixer section. The Basin is supplied in white ceramic finish.

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