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Problems from Sharing a Bathroom

When you go from living on your own to living with someone it’s hard to adjust to sharing your space, whether they have moved into your home, vice versa or if you have moved somewhere new. It can take a whiles learning how to cohabit with a partner, which generally includes learning how to share small spaces such as the bathroom.

Bathrooms are an area where our bad habits are laid bare, such as not putting down a toilet seat to leaving hair in the sink. Bathroom cabinets can also cause problems in relationships. Men are normally the ones with minimal products and are often bamboozled by the items put in their by their female companions. James Brown laments the hell of sharing a bathroom cabinet with a woman in the Telegraph, so for all the men out there you are not alone.

bathroom cabinet

Efficiency is key especially if you have a small bathroom, you need to be organised with all your bathroom products, make use of clever storage solutions, so you can avoid the entire contents of your bathroom cupboard falling out on you. Shelving also adds extra storage space, if you want stuff out of site, then pop them in baskets or boxes. Or why not look at bathroom furniture including vanity units and freestanding furniture to hide all your products out of sight.

We have looked at luxury bathrooms where home buyers are preferring to pay more for more space and luxury with their bathrooms. His and hers bathrooms being the most popular, allowing for a sink and mirror each, giving you your own space with the same applying to storage. Just make sure you don’t start spilling into the others ‘area’ otherwise world war 3 may break out!

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