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Potential home buyers put off by dirt and black mould in bathrooms

Our researchers have been busy finding out what puts off prospective home buyers when it comes to the bathroom and for most people it was ingrained dirt and black mould. Our study asked 1000 UK residents “What do you find most off putting in a bathroom when buying a house?” to which the majority of respondents (50%) said that black mould or a bad silicone finish was off putting in the bathroom.

“Mould! It might be an underlying problem!” Samantha (@PrincessP100)

“Damp and mould” Agata (@AgataPokutycka)

“Mould and/or spiders!” Chloe (@9grandstudent)

“Lime scale” Rosie (@Silly_Secrets)

“If buying then damp/mould as you can fit a new bathroom anyway but if renting then carpets, pink/brown/green baths and toilets.” Michaela (@YorkshireMumOf2)

Black Mould


Picture: aimee rivers

24% of respondents said that they would be put off a property that had an old or outdated bathroom, and 14% admitted that the colour scheme of the bathroom would be a turn off.

“Coloured bathroom suites and wood panelling…..#shudder” Lottie (@WhatLottieLoves)

“A coloured suite other than white. And too much floral print!” Caroline (@notesFcaroline)

Outdated Bathroom


Picture: tiffany terry

Cracked or damaged tiles would put off 9% of those questioned, as matching or replacing individual tiles is not an easy task, while others said that a newly fitted bathroom would cause them concern, leading them to ask what was it hiding and worries about whether it had been done on the cheap or not.

Some of those questioned said that the positioning and layout of the bathroom would put them off especially if the space was not used well, while some said that bad pipework and wiring would also make them think twice about buying a property as it can be expensive to upgrade.

“The bathroom being on the ground floor in a two story house!” Amy (@teacupcocktails)

“Not having both a bath AND shower.” Lora (@blogfrosting)

Our very own Mark Walters had this to say about the survey:

“From our extensive research we can now begin to understand what people look for in a bathroom when they are buying a property. This is a great help to potential buyers, sellers and estate agents alike. Not only is black mould unsightly it can also cause health issues in some. “

He added:

“Black mould can be problematic, but there are ways to clear it from your home and keep the amount it grows back to a minimum. If you’re selling your home, we would recommend tackling any mould issues you may have and keeping on top of it so you don’t put off potential buyers. “

“I’ve seen some terrible bathrooms in my time of renting & viewing! Ancient suites with no shower are the worst.” Becky (@BeckysBoudoir)

“Carpet. I ripped the carpet out as soon as got in.” Sarah (@MsSBurns)

“Just a shower, old decor! I love everything fresh, clean and modern!” Liza (@LizaPrideaux)

Black mould as well as looking unsightly, can, in some cases affect your health too; having black mould in your home could mean that there are ventilation issues within the home. Ventilation is key to reducing black mould and we would suggest fitting an extractor fan to help with the problem. Cleaning regularly and using mould removing cleaners will also help you to keep on top and often prevent black mould from forming.

The Ideal Bathroom

bathroom suite

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