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Phoenix Dolce Luxury Inset Oval Bath

Modern life can be stressful and we all from time to time can suffer from Aching Joints, Back Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Circulation, Stress, Muscular pain, or wok related tension, but a Phoenix whirlpool bath will target these problems very effectively.

Designed for chic living, city types with an eye for newest trends, the Phoenix Dolce Luxury inset whirlpool bath is just one example of many that will help to soothe away those stresses and cares. Available with a choice of three high performance Whirlpool and Airpool systems you have a choice of: Directional jets, back and foot jets & 2 air flow controls, or with on/off switch & Airspa jets, finally a combination of these. To suit the mood you can choose as an optional extra an inline heater and sensational colour underwater lighting. All Whirlpools options are fitted with dry run protection pump as standard and phoenix baths have a manufacturers 25 year warranty.

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